H2 Life Membership Benefits and Categories

Membership benefits

H2 Life Foundation serves as a unique platform for corporates, professionals and students to engage and connect with policy makers, ministers and officials of central and state governments, national and international think-tanks, and media.

We cover various topics and subjects of interest related to public policy through conferences, seminars, workshops, discussions and trainings programmes.

We understand the varying needs of different stake holders and have come up with customised memberships for corporates, professionals and students to associate with us and gain benefits through our initiatives.

H2 Life members enjoy a host of unique advantages and benefits as detailed below:

  1. Networking opportunities
    • A platform to connect with fellow members, representatives of prestigious institutions, central and state government officials, recipients of national and international awards and honours, experts from different fields, trade analysts, think tanks, business leaders, political representatives, professionals and students
    • A platform to provide impetus to your business growth
    • Develop productive relations with international business leaders and officials
    • Facilitate businesses for sustainability and opening the gateway for global business initiatives
    • Stay motivated by joining hands with like-minded people for achieving individual, family and organisation’s goals
    • Seize business opportunities by participating in and attending conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions nationally and internationally
  2. Outreach programmes
    • A platform for effective brand and image building
    • Developing long lasting relationships through partnerships, exhibitions and trade fairs
    • Launching campaigns to garner public support for a given cause
    • Submitting recommendations to respective central & state governments. for policy intervention on issues of concern
    • Providing a platform to discuss policies, projects and programmes with government dignitaries through conferences, seminars, interactive sessions with experts and workshops on thematic issues
    • Emphasising members’ viewpoints in policy formulation
  3. Be a part of National & International delegations
    • Assess global business success models through, national and international study tours
    • Facilitate B2B tie ups at the global level through effective participation in conferences exhibitions, trade fairs and seminars
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assistance and consultancy platform
    • Facilitates result oriented CSR consultation
    • Provides effective support to conduct CSR programmes for people with less opportunities
    • Develop and implement unique customised CSR programmes
    • Helps in assessing suitable and impactful CSR programme for the corporates
    • Provides a feedback mechanism by tracking the progress of CSR programmes
  5. Research, surveys and publications
    • Regular analysis of the target market through in-depth quality research and surveys
    • Publication of journals, white papers and reports based on the market research
    • We publish a directory of members with their organisation's profile
  6. Government policy awareness
    • Regular updates on government policies, taxation, legislation and regulation through round table discussions, seminars, conferences and discussion forums
    • Interpretation and analysis of relevant government policies
    • Promotion of track II and track III diplomacy with countries of mutual interest engaged in similar work
  7. Development and training
    • Members get opportunities to share their expertise on their domains during meetings on policy development. It provides a platform for members to engage with their stakeholders.
    • Inputs on capacity building frameworks, access to research, knowledge papers and domain studies.
    • Training on recent policies, topics and laws, conducting workshops on subjects, skill development courses for livelihood and enhancing work opportunities.
  8. Regular engagement with government and institutions
    • Opportunities for regular engagement and representation with central and state governments and other institutions on important policy matters.

Joining H2 Life is a win-win situation. We invite you to become a member of H2 Life, thereby, contributing to your development and the development of your family, your community, society and the country.

H2 Life Membership Eligibility criteria

H2 Life is providing memberships under various categories in order to build social awareness, effective implementation of projects and to strive for a common goal. The memberships bring along with them a unique set of privileges and advantages as described above.

H2 Life provides memberships to any business organisation, be it a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a joint venture, startups, Ltd., Pvt. Ltd. LLP, MSMEs, SMEs etc. H2 Life Connect’s membership is also open for professionals and students.

Membership categories: Who can apply?

    • Associate Membership: Organisations which have an annual turnover of up to Rs 10 crores.
    • Corporate Membership: Organisations which have an annual turnover between Rs 10 crores and Rs 100 crores.
    • Corporate Premium Membership: Organisations which have an annual turnover of more than Rs 100 crores.
    • Professional Membership: A professional membership can be availed by individuals who have a minimum annual income of 10 lakh or above.
    • Student Membership: Students having a minimum age of 18 years or above.

Members' Annual Contribution

Membership Categories

Corporate Premium

Eligibility (turnover in Rs.)
100 Crores and Above
Contribution* (Rs.)
75,000 /-


Eligibility (turnover in Rs.)
10 to 100 Crores
Contribution* (Rs.)
50,000 /-


Eligibility (turnover in Rs.)
Up to 10 Crores
Contribution* (Rs.)
25,000 /-


Eligibility (salary in Rs.)
10 Lac and Above
Contribution* (Rs.)
10,000 /-

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Exclusive of applicable taxes*

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